Dating business patners

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For Julia Hartz, co-founder and president of Eventbrite, the event and ticketing web platform, starting a company with her husband, Kevin, was not exactly part of her master plan.“Part of me has actually blocked out the decision-making process I went through before going into business with my then-fiancé,” she says, only half-joking.It can be exciting to share the joys of accomplishment together.And as a business professional, you’re apt to learn more and faster, and to see different perspectives, because you’re able to be so vulnerable with each other.” Yet the headaches associated with starting and running a company are ever-present, and they can be exacerbated when the business partners are also life partners.

The idea of folding each other’s laundry one moment and talking social media strategy the next may be the perfect way to achieve work-life balance.But for others, the prospect of a co-worker spouse is cringe-worthy.Regardless of which camp you fall in, it is natural to look at husband and wife business partners and wonder: How do they make it work?“But in general, it may not be a good idea to go into business with your spouse.” Many couples don’t have the “hard conversations” before taking the plunge, she notes.“They haven’t necessarily talked about what happens when they need to make changes to the business model, or what the right exit strategy is.

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