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Frequent exposure to violence in the home not only predisposes children to numerous social and physical problems, but also teaches them that violence is a normal way of life - therefore, increasing their risk of becoming society's next generation of victims and abusers.

Sources: National Domestic Violence Hotline, National Center for Victims of Crime, and Womens

Domestic violence not only affects those who are abused, but also has a substantial effect on family members, friends, co-workers, other witnesses, and the community at large.

Children, who grow up witnessing domestic violence, are among those seriously affected by this crime.

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Gaslighting happens over time, and you may not notice it at first.

Learn how to get help if you feel gaslighting is happening in your relationship. If you aren’t in immediate danger, reach out to a trusted friend or family member, therapist, or volunteer with an abuse shelter or domestic violence hotline.

It is unclear how many more children in the UK are suffering from emotional abuse, or any other form of maltreatment, it adds, because of a lack of research in to the extent of abuse.

The last study of this kind took place in 2009, and the charity warns that since then there have been significant changes for children’s lives, not least the increase in reporting of online abuse and big increases in reporting of child sexual abuse.

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