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).”Being a firm believer in the beauty of human connection and great love, I strive to encourage others to pursue big talk over small talk and welcome discomfort in order to grow.

I think it’s crucial to be with someone you can comfortably navigate through light and heavy topics with, so I try to find out as early on as possible if my core values line up with my date’s core values and if our differences are deal-breakers or things we can playfully debate over the days or months or years.

In fact, the best first dates I’ve ever had—the rare first dates that got me excited for second dates—involved lengthy discussions about said taboo topics, coupled with some healthy (I repeat, healthy) debate.

And let me tell you, finding yourself wrapped up in that authentic mix of flirty and straightforward conversation really ups the attraction level.

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This may sound surprising to some people, but I sincerely want to hear about a potential romantic partner’s exes and past relationships. This conversation doesn’t always come up on the first date, but I’m happy to discuss it if it does. Because the way someone talks about their exes and past relationships speaks volumes about who they are, their capacity for healing and forgiveness, and it lets you know if they’re weighed down by any resentment or unresolved issues.To that I say, wouldn’t you rather know right away if you and your date are able to positively deal with each other and your differences? The older you get, the more you come to know what you’re looking for, what you’re open to, and what are definite deal-breakers for you.You also tend to think of your time as more precious, so why waste it?I’m dating to eventually find the person that puts a period at the end of my sentence—and an exclamation point! I understand that not every date is going to leave me with butterflies and that good ole “I can’t end this date without kissing you” feeling, but I want to at least try to get the most out of my time with the people I choose to go on dates with.Two of the most attractive qualities in any person are confidence and humility.

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