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Jill was on the same page at the time, she had tried her hand at fame but nobody gave a shit about her cause she has no talent.So Jamie proposed and Jill accepted and converted and all was right in the femme universe.Seeing as this is just a silly gossipy message board, why are you trying to legislate what people should or should not post about in this thread? She's had more visibility and opportunities in the last year and half.There are a lot of working actors in the business who are making a living and will garner modest success.There is no shame in that, as a matter of fact, I respect that.So she ended up resigning herself to a private existence, deciding she wanted marriage and kids and the whole picket fence scenario.

Goes to show how quickly things change once your priorites shift.Everything negative she said on that video blog was immediately connected to her ex.First you have her angry outburst at WGN and just days later another vlog where again she has bad comments about women. And on another day, they went to Michelle's North Hollywood home and filmed the Worst dates stories.Sorry, but if I came home after getting dumped and saw my ex laughing it up I'd make a bit of a scene myself.I want to know what compelled her to do the "Worst date video blog" .

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