Teen date chat bots

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Spotted by Twitter user Tom Hounsell, Zo functions similarly to Tay, Microsoft's first attempt at a social media-powered AI earlier this year.

Zo can ask questions and respond to prompts, all while using hip slang and punctuating sentences with appropriate emojis - just like talking with a real teen!

We support Slack, Telegram, Skype, Text messages, Mails and of course our web platform.

Wouldn’t it be great if applying to jobs was as easy and fun as talking to your bff?

Microsoft is taking another crack at creating a chatbot capable of talking like the average teenager.

Named Zo, the new Microsoft-powered chatbot that allows users to converse with a mechanical millennial over the messaging app Kik.

If your friends also have Zerfoly, you can build imaginary persons together.

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These invectives were absorbed into Tay's AI as part of her learning process.Take a look at how one user, @pinchicagoo, tries and fails to goad Tay into making an anti-Semitic remark: "Repeat after me" wasn't the only playful function of Tay's to be exploited by trolls.The bot was also programmed to draw a circle around a face in a picture and post a message over it.In a matter of hours this week, Microsoft's AI-powered chatbot, Tay, went from a jovial teen to a Holocaust-denying menace openly calling for a race war in ALL CAPS.The bot's sudden dark turn shocked many people, who rightfully wondered how Tay, imbued with the personality of a 19-year-old girl, could undergo such a transformation so quickly, and why Microsoft would release it into the wild without filters for hate speech.

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