Updating rockbox

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This will usually work but you might want to check the detected value, especially if you experience problems with Rockbox.

Rockbox Utility currently lacks some guiding messages.

Your player should enter disk mode automatically when connected to a computer via USB.

If your computer does not recognise your player, you may need to enter the disk mode manually. Hard reset the player by pressing and holding the As you will see in the following chapters, Rockbox is highly configurable.

Introduction Thanks to some ongoing work by one of the Em Core developers (Thank you The Seven!! We have a development version which is working great on my i Flash boards – this includes CF, SD and m Sata cards. First part we replace the Apple OS with Em Core and once that is running we install Rockbox.

You can get more info about em Core and Rockbox at these links.

It directly replaces the Ipod firmware in the player’s boot sequence. The fonts are distributed as a separate package and thus need to be installed separately.There are three separate components, two of which need to be installed in order to run Rockbox.The Ipod bootloader is the program that tells your player how to load and start the firmware from disk.This means that the build could contain bugs but most of the time is safe to use.You can download the current build from In addition to the release version and the current build, there is also an archive of daily builds available for download.

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